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Our Services

Preconceptual consultation
Management of miscarriages

High risk : Hypertension, Autoimmune disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Previous DVT , Previous adverse pregnancy outcome, Shrodgar stitch application,

Low risk pregnancy.

In-House Ultrasound Scanning.


Management of fibroids
Fertility assessment and treatment
Mangement of menstrual problems

Comprehensive Contraceptive Care

Hysterectomy ( Abdominal, Laparascopic, Vaginal)
Ovarian cyst management (Laparascopic or Medical)
Abnormal bleeding( Premenopausal and Post Menopausal)
Wellness assessment (Including screening for cervical, breast and other gynaecological cancers)

Our bump2baby nurse aides assist with activities of daily living, breast feeding initiation and care for the baby in the postpartum period whether in hospital or at home in 12 hour shifts.
They are individually picked and trained by the doctor to give appropriate care at this stage.

Meet The Team

Dr. T. Chiwanga

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Rutendo Nyamutswa

Office Manager

Pamela Zhakata

Nurse Aide

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